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Your RJ Jats is back with special inputs from 8 countries of South Asia on the topic of Peace. Start your favorite playlist and listen to my article with your eyes. 

I have never been this close to this word "peace" before the SAARC Leaders gathering during May 2011, where for 6 special days everyone shared what they were feeling in real instead of typical formal conference.  This is the only conference where I started with blazer and ended up with 3 sleepless nights and track shoot with tears in eyes when leaving.

We were all divided into families for all 6 days and allow me to introduce my family: Saurabh Kumar (India), Bharat Edara (India), Ayesha Ilyas (Pakistan), Hussain Mohamed Haneef (Maldives), Lima Ahmad (Afghanistan), Mohamed Husni (Sri Lanka), Anu Joshy (India), Dr Anand (India) - our family leader Mirat Trivedi and me. 

We dwelled upon the topic of Peace on 3 different levels: Peace Within, Peace with others & Peace with environment. Now, I would like to share with you the analysis of our family’s outcome on Peace Within. 

After analyzing and listing almost 20 issues and priority areas for peace within, we came up with the following top 3 issues/priorities, messages for larger groups and actions steps for following those priorities:

1. Top 3 issues and priority areas for Peace Within 
    a. Contentment
    b. Security 
    c. Self – respect 

2. Top 3 message for larger group 
     a. (For contentment): You can never have it enough. Contentment is a state of mind. The rich and poor of the world both need this state of mind to achieve peace within and then with others, in the context of their environment. 
     b. (Security): Security is of different types – Physical, Emotional and Economical. Uncertainty and Insecurity cannot be wished away. Security within gives us the chance to focus on achievements bigger than ourselves. 
     c. (Self-respect): Respect is what we earn after what we do, and self-respect means you are being honest to yourself and earn respect for yourself from within, feeling positive about yourself and not feeling guilty for what you do. If you respect yourself then people will respect you. 

3. Action steps that the team suggests for following 3 areas 

Action for contentment: Transaction Analysis of daily events & following criteria 
• What was right / wrong today? 
  - Who / what was the reason? 
• Over a week or month, one will start getting a picture of what behavior should be reinforced. 
• Jot down Your strengths, weakness 
  - What triggered the happy / bad event? 

Action for security: Identify 3 of your discomfort zones that hinder you from being productive – Productive can be anything from work or something that one loves to do. 
• List of activities that one is afraid of or uncomfortable to carry out 
• Action plan to consciously complete those activities on a monthly basis 
 - Eg: Talking to a stranger every day on the bus or on the train. - Eg: Compliment someone every day 
• At the end of ‘x’ months the size of your discomfort zone should decrease. 

Action for self respect: 
• Make a list of the people to whom you wanted to apologize, Go and say Sorry 
• To confess those things for which we feel guilty 
• Start telling your every morning “I AM THE BEST” and feel it in real. 
• Be truthful to yourself & don’t lie in front of mirror 

RJ Jats is now signing off with his original quote: "Life comes once, keep it simple and only do those things which make you happy."

Share what you feel after reading this article and share your stories! Your words are not comments but stories for all of us!


  • proxim
    Bistra Kumbaroska

    31st May, 2012 @ 11:44 AM CEST

    Jatin, i have to say: i enjoyed the article! I share many of your thoughts and feelings related to this topic and it's almost 15 minutes now that I am preparing my comment!
    Why? Probably because peace within is quite an intimate topic touching the deepest oceans and bottoms inside us. What I usually do to keep my peace within? I actually use many of the tips proposed by Jatin... on top of all - i write poetry. I believe that art is a way of finding and maintaining peace. it is one of the best methods known to me for keeping emotional hygiene and clear mind.

    this was a great article Jatin. thank you!

  • proxim

    1st June, 2012 @ 12:54 AM CEST

    Yes I agree Jatin, at the end of the day "life is all about you alone living your life." Be gratefull, workhard and be responsible for all your action.
    I like your style and creativity in writing too.

  • proxim
    Stefan Alievikj

    1st June, 2012 @ 3:23 AM CEST

    Jatin, what else to say; you have it all here! Since I was a child, I had read somewhere to ask myself: How did this day pass? What was good and what was bad? What can I do to make things better? Somehow these questions preserved in my mind; I ask the same questions today when I go to sleep. Or in the mundane moments of the day, when things simply pop up in your brain. We are broken without peace within. It's fundamental for our well-being - that's fact and similarly to Bistra I like to write fiction pieces which I usually does not share, but they work for me. The real challenge comes when you start writing about the things you hate to see on paper, and you give certain characteristics to your fiction character which you dont like, but you have them in you. It helps. It makes you always feel better.. peaceful with yourself and then peaceful with others :)


  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    2nd June, 2012 @ 8:32 AM CEST

    @ Bistra:

    very sweet dear . . I am happy that this article touched u within..
    I was not aware that u write poetry .. u should share with our community sometime.. :)
    infact make action team of poet.. ;)

    u r absolutely right, art always helps us to be happy .. :) ... thank u so much for wnoderful words... :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    2nd June, 2012 @ 8:34 AM CEST

    @kedei: well said dear.. be greatful as well as responsible too... very nice.. :)

    I am very happy to see that, u loved my creativity and writing.. :)
    Thank u for d feedback dear .. .

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    2nd June, 2012 @ 8:37 AM CEST

    @stefan: Thank you dear . .
    the moment you just said what else to say, you said everything to me.. :)

    u r right, we are broken without peace within. Awesome man.. i loved ur style of fiction characcters.. certain charactristics u dont like but you have them in you... :)

    yeah, when your life is full of peace - u will enjoy with others all the time...

  • proxim

    2nd June, 2012 @ 4:23 PM CEST

    wow!! i enjoyed very much .. very nice n inspirational article ...
    so i would like to take one thing i.e " be truthful to yourself & Don't lie in front of mirror ", i have become great fan of your articles ..

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    2nd June, 2012 @ 5:56 PM CEST

    @rahul :

    thank u so much dear for ur thought n special sentence u liked very much . . of being truthful .. :)

    i am to see you as fan of my writing dear .. !!

  • proxim
    Samuel Duru

    4th June, 2012 @ 3:45 PM CEST

    Hey Jatin!

    An all important subject you treated here. Embracing the peace within us is vital to living a meaningful life. A peaceful nature offers us many opportunities that we would not otherwise receive. When we are at peace within, happiness will never elude us. Peace within helps us to be more motivated and grounded.

    Many likes!

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    6th June, 2012 @ 5:12 AM CEST

    Thank you dude... u r absolutely right dear.. when we are at peace within, happiness will never elude us. .. . its all about what we feel within .. everything start from "I am the force"

    no one can make you happy unless u wanted to be unhappy. . . :)

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