Your RJ Jats is back with the show and this time we are gonna talk with the person inside you... Here we go, just play your fav song from your playlist and start listening to my article with your eyes. :) 

- You always wanted to be what you are today? 

- Do you feel that you don’t know the REAL meaning of passion? 

- You may want to be something different then what you are now. Are you feeling that the word “possibilities” is lost within you and with others. 

- Did the system teach you to follow your heart or just to play safe game? 

- Did the system make you to follow others, maybe parents’ dreams and expectations. Maybe you wanted to be a writer, poet or just to roam around the world?

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Why we always need to take approval on grades which all knows that it’s not real knowledge of anybody. Out of everything do you know something that you love to do? Why people judge others on the way how a person looks and especially the age of that person, instead of looking at who they really are.

I am dam proud of the fact that, somewhere inside my heart I am not taking approval of the system to believe in my capabilities. At the same time I am afraid, “will this self belief be with me throughout the life in the world of rejection?”  I came to know about one girl who wanted be a teacher and at the age of 5 years she became a teacher and you won’t believe whole world become her classroom. 

So come on, write down your dreams, come out from the odds, run faster, dream bigger, live better than you’d ever before, this is in you, you can do this, do it for yourself, prove it to yourself! And when you stumble, just look around and you will find those people just ready to hold your hand to give one last push to follow your dreams. 

I am, RJ Jats, signing off with last few words, impossible is just belief, impossible is just word, impossible itself says that I+M+Possible. 

Express what you feel after reading this ... (don’t think much before you write) and share with others too. Every feedback on this real expression matters a lot.

Share what you LOVE to do or things for which you are passionate.

Jatin Kataria, Writers Action Team #8


  • proxim
    Hina Hazrat

    13th April, 2012 @ 7:00 PM CEST

    Wow... Jatin... This is an awesome piece! Nothing is impossible, impossible itself says I am POSSIBLE! So go ahead with a same thought and achieve what YOU WANT! :D

  • proxim
    Kayode Nubi

    13th April, 2012 @ 9:04 PM CEST

    Hey. Welcome come back RJ Jats. As usual, this piece is awesome, as I usually find myself turn between what I want and have to do, and what society, family, and other expect from me. But then you inspire me to move on, as in the long run, their expectations matches with my passion.

    When are you going to start taking calls again on the show. Got some shout out to make to my peoples around the world - CF community :)

  • proxim
    Rifat Sagor

    15th April, 2012 @ 12:31 PM CEST

    Gooood write up Jatz....To me inspiration comes from within. It is we who are capable of shaping our own dreams. But sometime thinking about IMPOSSIBILITY of anything reminds me that 'Yes, I can do it'.

    And if you really know me- I believe nothing is like rocket science except the rocket science itself...:-)..This is the inner belief which drives from my passion of getting things done in my way.

    Finally,I want to mention that ADD a FUN quotient whatever you are planning to do. You can even damn the impossibles if you really enjoy your tasks.

    Soooo....HAVE FUN, GET DONE....!!!!

  • proxim

    16th April, 2012 @ 6:18 PM CEST

    Nice Jatin and you are avery ggod writer.
    Yes I agree with you at the end of the day ,its what you believe in and how far and ready you are going to make it come true no matter the odds.

  • proxim
    Dharmesh Bhadja

    17th April, 2012 @ 6:12 AM CEST

    RJ Jats rocks alwayss... Grt Bravo.
    Atypical style, most conflicted issue and loads of inspiration...

    That girl is true teacher of mankind. She was born through law of universal necessity.

    Touchy piece writer, fully moved...

  • proxim

    17th April, 2012 @ 2:18 PM CEST

    Great work Guy.

    You are so on point as to the expectation of the society from us. You are so correct when you advice us to write out our dreams. We need to start running with our vision within our grasp and and stop running with other people's vision while ours is in their grasp.

    WOW! I feel so relieved with you write up. Well done

  • proxim
    Samuel Duru

    17th April, 2012 @ 5:23 PM CEST

    "Impossible itself says that I+M+Possible." Great piece RJ Jats!

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    18th April, 2012 @ 4:40 PM CEST

    @hina: hey hina, thank u dear . . . united we stand n we will live each other dreams . . :)

    @nubi: Thanks for d special welcome Nubi . . as u move on, difficult time always oppose u to follow ur heart n dreams . . as u know i always try to keep my self up and here I tried to tell people that dont give up ... Just gooooooo onnnnnnn. .. . :)-- come out from d odds . . ;)

    ohhh yeah... i hop, i will come up wid some cal soon . . ;)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    18th April, 2012 @ 5:57 PM CEST

    @rifat: u r absolutely right dude. . . inspiration always comes from within, its lik just following it . . and i must say i know u n i agree wid u too.. . :) - - - - if u wish to know how to enjoy working, just work with Sayanee once . . :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    18th April, 2012 @ 5:59 PM CEST

    @kedei: hey dear, thanks for d appreciation.. i m happy u liked it .. actually its like believing wat u do n doing wat u believe . .. as i earlier said in my article, its great to be FOOL . . :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    18th April, 2012 @ 6:03 PM CEST

    @dharmesh : u r special fan dude. . ;) -- inspiration is that all v need from each other to be sure that u r on right path .. n dats wat i try to do. . :)

    yeah she is perfect example of law of universal necessity .. i really loved her n m glad u loved d video . . .

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    18th April, 2012 @ 6:07 PM CEST

    @titilayo : i m very much satisfied deep within wid ur words that u r feeling relieved .. its always great to know that people like u follow their dreams . . . m very happy with ur feelings @ d article . .

    @Samuel : thanks u so much dear . . :)

  • proxim
    Kaushal Joshi

    19th April, 2012 @ 11:29 AM CEST

    Beautiful piece of writing, I must say!

    Great work dude...Enjoy each n every sentence!

    Its always great to work n sweat for our dream !

    Great work done by people who are not afraid to be a great :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    20th April, 2012 @ 5:45 AM CEST

    @kaushal: thank u so much dear . . m glad u enjoyed each n every sentence . . :)

    n awesome line - Great work done by people who are not afraid to be a great :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    20th April, 2012 @ 8:48 AM CEST

    Dear Jatin, you always find a way how to surprise us again and again and remind us that a life without cause is a life without effect.

    I fully understand and agree what you wrote also form my personal youth experiences and could only add that after you start to believe in yourself and that it is possible also the system is starting to work for you (and something similar wrote also Paulo Coelho in the Fifth mountain)

    As I said at Gala your are a true sustainability leader and for sure will use your new definition of IMpossible!

  • proxim
    reena kataria

    30th April, 2012 @ 4:04 PM CEST

    @Andreja: I am surprised to see your special words on this article . . .

    u r right, life without cause is life with effect.. its like knowing our Reason of existence and following it. :)

    people like you are inspiration for lot many people all across the world .. u add the words hope, values n all in them . . :) -- -

    I always afraid that how youth can sustain with their belief n passion in the world of "rejection" and "practical life" . . that question always I asked to myself too...

    Thank you so much for always believing in me. . . :)
    You are always special ...

  • proxim
    Lyubov' Govorina

    2nd May, 2012 @ 2:39 PM CEST

    nice article as always n specially d video..loved it...:)

    "does system work for you"...that reminds me that who make the system?...if we than surely it works for us...n that remind me another question "do we work for the system?" ..need some brain storming here :)

    what i believe is when you take any decision you should take opinions of your loved ones n than do what you want after thinking d pros n cons...because everyone have their own experience of life n everyone have their own opinions towards any situations ..n than u deside what you really want to do :)

    i think every time this i am possible theory dont work ... lets say i want to be model but criteria is 5 7 while i am 5 1 than it is impossible to be model ....but yaa i can choose other option lets say i learn modelling i groom my self n than i open a training centre n teach others how to be model :P :)

    sometimes we dont know what we should do at one time...lets say i wanted to be C.A. at the age of 15 but than my dad said to opt science subjects so i went into paramedical science but now i discover that my interest area is behaviour psychology u know sometimes this process its bit confusing :D

    even sometimes my loved one said not to choose some decisions n still i went with those n failed in life

    so i would say ..doesnt matter system work for you or you work for the system ..but when you realize that you want to do this or you are good with this you should go with that...u pass or fail thats other thing..

    "never regret your regrets"...that should be the motto of life :)

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    3rd May, 2012 @ 10:29 AM CEST

    it's really amazing article. it made me think a lot about what i'm doing in my life. and your idea is corresponding to what's going on with me. thanks for such sharing))))

  • proxim
    Jatin Kataria

    21st May, 2012 @ 6:46 AM CEST

    @reena: u r absolutely right, I loved ur thoughts . .

    when you realize that you want to do this or you are good with this you should go with that...u pass or fail thats other thing..

    "never regret your regrets"...that should be the motto of life :)

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