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You can travel with your bicycle that I know but how much? Just think once 10 kms maximum may be 15. Here with us a member of “Generation whY” travelling 8000 kms round trip from Bangalore to Bangalore via Delhi – Mr Anil Kumar.

Tell us about yourself. How exactly you started and what is the motive behind it, What drives you for this high level of courage?

I am post graduate student in micro biology. As a student I don’t want everything stay upto books and I want to bring that practically out, so I thought what I study about pollution, and what I can do to solve as a student. I usually do cycling and thought to create awareness about cycling and tell people to reduce pollution and it can be controlled at some extent. So this idea came into mind to travel all over India and create awareness and especially if I can inspire youth, Students so they take initiative and responsibility in future.

I set my mind that whatever I feel face the problem on road I will take it positively which drives me.  I don’t want to share the problems as its part of journey as its cycle journey but my aim is to spread words about environment.

When you thought about 8000 kms on bicycle, how this thought came into mind and will that yes I can travel?

I always live with policy inside that “You can do, if you can’t that nobody in this world can do”. Nothing is impossible; anything is possible in this world, everywhere there is possibilities. I was confident and made my mind till now 4900 kms in 39 days.

When you told someone (Your family & friends) that I planned to travel 8000 kms on bicycle, what was their reaction?

Their reaction was entirely different. They told are you made or what? Even my parents told me that 8000 kms and those places which I saw on map, each and every place is new for me, new weather and climatic condition, meeting different people, different kind of food. So initially parent opposed to do this thing and I convince them. 

Who are the people who supported you?

Initially, nobody supported me. I did 6 months of hard work to flag off this event and at last I got support from IYCN, got some sponsorship from Dry day cycle foundation and my family support.

On which day you started and how was that day?

I started on 9/1/11 and that day was like somehow I managed and was very exited after 6 months of hard work.  I was very happy that the day arrived and from today I want to travel 8000 kms with mindset that I want to finish whole journey.

Our C:F India friends - Ritesh and Jatin with the Cycling Hero, Anil Kumar!

When you started what are the things you kept with you?

I kept 6 pairs of cycling suit along with me, entire repair kit including puncture kit and tubes, one dairy, one book and one route map (very imp), first Aid kit.

We heard that you are planning to write book on your journey, is it so?

Yes, after my journey I will share my full experience of 60 continuous day of journey.

Which were your Best 3 moments of your journey?

  • Day 0: Flag off day – 9/1/11
  • Maharashtra: I address school assembly of St Jones School. One girl came on stage and told that she was using my bike to travel even to go to nearby areas and she told from today onward I will drive my bicycle and inspired people to use bicycle as well. 
  • Agra: after meeting few students when I was returning back from school, one boy came and took me to his classroom and entire classroom took my autograph.  


You met plenty of people, had different kind of food – how was your exp throughout the country, how you find people o f India?

Overall experience was really good. People of India are very good, supportive, kind hearted, helpful, some may not understand what I am doing but I got full support from public and even from police. Some police people supported me in accommodation and in Punjab Gurudwara people helped me, Rajasthan people helped me a lot as it was the toughest road till date.

Your message to those who are reading this?

Each and everyone should try to take responsibility. We are responsible for pollution to control also otherwise we should be ready to face consequences as soon as possible. I taken the responsibility now and I inspired at least few people till now and they will take responsibility in future and try to control this pollution and try to save our environment and earth.

Wherever I go people encouraged me as I met new people in my journey all the problems and worries I forget within no time, so I have very sweet memory with me. My inspiration is Dr A P J Abdul Kalam and he said that student and youth can bring change and can bring bright future.

I hope Kalam sir will read this story of yours and call you to meet. 

Congratulation on your beautiful journey till date and best wishes for upcoming days!

Ok everyone, Anil Kumar – guy from Bangalore. He is full of enthusiasm - full of courage - with a thought of creating a movement all around!

What are you daring to begin and spread awareness about?


  • proxim
    Jigna Parekh

    2nd April, 2011 @ 7:36 AM CEST

    This is really inspiratonal n eye opener. This proves "Dare to dream, and u can do it." Hope to receive more and more inspirational and youth provoking articles from Jatin.............

  • proxim
    reena kataria

    2nd April, 2011 @ 10:01 AM CEST

    wow ...
    so courageous ...
    its not at all easy to do this...
    i salute the people who supported him as without support this is not gonna happen..

    n ya main thing

    microbiolgist n did this its really appriciable as we people never come out from our lab...but dis guy set a nice example..

  • proxim
    Ahmed Amal

    2nd April, 2011 @ 10:21 PM CEST

    I am inspired by this .. so courageous, we need to raise awareness about the problems that we are causing..

  • proxim
    Shweta Birla

    5th April, 2011 @ 8:47 PM CEST

    I really liked his courage ......initiative, salute to all those with these qualities .....

  • proxim
    Dharmesh Bhadja

    5th April, 2011 @ 9:24 PM CEST

    real hero Amit... jay ho

    and Jatin is the real connector, give him a perfect platform

  • proxim
    Afrah Zubair

    12th April, 2011 @ 6:31 PM CEST

    this is amazing. good initiative. at least someone has the courage.

  • proxim
    Joel Mordi

    22nd August, 2012 @ 9:37 PM CEST

    One word soooo inspired!

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